Nuclear Fusion & Plasma Computation Laboratory

핵융합 & 플라즈마 계산공학 연구실

Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Computation Laboratory at Hanyang University, directed by Prof. Jungpyo Lee, is focused on the researches to achieve the sustainable clean nuclear fusion energy. To harvest energy from controlled nuclear fusion reactions, our laboratory is developing fusion/plasma theories and computation tools. Primary research areas include

(1) Fundamental plasma physics and engineering (플라즈마 물리 및 공학)

(2) Nuclear fusion system design (핵융합시스템 설계)

(3) Advanced computation methodology for a nonlinear system (비선형 시스템을 위한 고도 계산론)

(4) Thermal engineering in nuclear systems (원자로/핵융합로 열공학)

(5) Plasma processes for semiconductor fabrication (반도체/공정 플라즈마)