Multi-scale multi-physics research on fusion plasmas

To harvest energy from controlled nuclear fusion reactions, minimizing plasma turbulent transport and finding an optimal steady state operation are required, which are my main research goals. My research are based on not only a deep understanding of the first principles of the relevant physics of fusion plasmas but also an incorporation of the multi-physics for a systematic study. In nuclear fusion system, physical processes over several length and time scales take place, as shown in the above figure. The plasma response to RF wave is on the time scale of nanoseconds, the response to Magneto-hydrodynamics (MHD) instability is in microseconds, and the response to the turbulence is sub-millisecond. Some of my projects related with (1) RF waves, (2) MHD, (3) turbulence and (4) integrated modeling are described below. The dependence of the multi-physics whose scales are not overlapped is negligible within acceptable errors. Conversely, as the scales of multi-physics are overlapped, they are likely to be interdependent, and consistency is important.

5. Advanced computation

6. Nuclear reactor analysis

7. Engineering Design

8. Semi-conduction Plasma Fabrication